Our Services

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

On-call counseling and problem solving and/or immediate response for assistance at a person's home due to a health/personal emergency.

Adult Companion Services

Non-medical care, supervision and socialization provided to a person age 18 or older. 

Homemaker Services

Services that help a person manage general cleaning and household activities. 

Individual Community Living Support

ICLS is a bundled service that includes six service categories. These services offer assistance and support for people who need reminders, cues, intermittent/moderate supervision or physical assistance to remain in their own homes.

Night Supervision

 Overnight assistance and monitoring provided by an awake staff in the person’s own home. 

Out-Home Respite Care

Respite provided outside of the person’s home or place of residence.

In-Home Family Support

Services provided to a person and his/her family (including extended family members) in the family’s home and/or in the community to enable the person to remain in or return to the home.

In-Home Respite Care

Respite provided in the person’s home or place of residence. A person is eligible to receive respite if the primary caregiver is absent or needs relief from his/her caregiver duties.

Independent Living Skills Training

Services that develop, maintain and improve the community-living skills of a person. 

Semi-Independent Living Skills

Services needed by an adult with a developmental disability or related condition(s) to live successfully in the community.

Supported Living Services (SLS) For Adults

Services provided to a person who requires daily staff support for challenging behaviors, medical needs, physical needs and/or life skills.

Specialist Services

Services designed to promote staff and caregiver competency to meet a person’s needs in eligible areas.

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